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Little Ripper Documentary now available.

A huge thanks to all our fans! Your support is amazing.
Some feedback we have received so far "Every bird lover need to watch this DVD is brilliant thank you very much", "Excellent research and publicity for the sport", "id just like to congratulate ye for making the little ripper dvd I just finished watching it and I thought it was brilliant "

Little Ripper DVD now on Presale!

Little Ripper will soon be available on DVD. Thanks for your patience everyone. After a great run being broadcast in various European countries, the movie is now at the printers. DVD's will be sent out in September. Presales for the DVD available here

DVD's on sale on Ebay

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Pigeon videos now downloadable!

We have uploaded 2 of the DVD's so far, Marc de Cock and Jos Thone. It works like renting a video.  48 hours to watch it and best of all they cost LESS THAN $5!!! Super Value! Including Louis Janssens interview at age 98!  If you wish to purchase the DVD's to keep, click on Web Store in the navigation bar above.

Watch them here 

Official Trailer is here!!

Here is it! Finally, after 5 years in the making, the official trailer is up on YouTube ad the movie is finished. The DVD is NOT for sale, we want to get this documentary broadcast on TV to increase the awareness of the dying sport of pigeon racing and help get kids interested in the sport again. This documentary was made for the General Public, not just for pigeon fanciers (although, pigeon fanciers will love it too!)  How can you help? PLEASE send this link on to all your friends and like us on facebook! The more hits we get, the better the chance of a distributor coming on board.  Help us help YOUR amazing sport! Spread the word!


New Feature Length Documentary Coming soon!

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Website now in British pounds (£).

Please note that our pricing is now in British pounds (£).  Prices have been converted at the current exchange rate.

New video about Racing Champions. 

Preview the Janssen film!

New Release Pigeon DVD's available now!

The long awaiting DVD's by multi award winning production company Fearless Films are now Available. Including an incredibly rare interview and loft tour of the last remaining Janssen brother, Louis Janssen.  Click here to read more!

Documentary leads to rare interview with Louis Janssen.

When award winning documentary filmmakers Craig and Jarrod Boord embarked on an ambitious project to capture the passion and dedication of pigeon fanciers across the globe, they knew they needed... (Continued here....)


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